Rental of Equipment for Simultaneous Interpreting

    • For effective interaction during conferences and workshops, it is critical to prevent issues related to the language barrier in the process of communication between participants.

             The correct solution that we can offer our Customer is rental of technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting. Using this equipment, participants of a business meeting can understand the topic under discussion without language barriers.

             What categories of equipment does The Translation House offer its Customers?

    • Sound-proof booth for interpreters

    If there is no dedicated room for simultaneous interpreting, special sound-proof booths are installed in the room. In addition, the Customer has to tell us the type of booth needed: fixed or portable.

    • Interpreter Desk

    This is the main working tool of the simultaneous interpreter that helps the interpreter change the volume of speech, switch the channel, and more.

    • Headset and Receiver

    Each guest of the meeting gets an individual set of receivers and a headset; guests may select the channel they need themselves or have the staff do it for them.

    • Technical Maintenance

    The Translation House will never leave the Customer without the required help, namely the services of the specialist in setting and disassembling the equipment. Our team representative will make sure that receivers and headsets of the event guests were functional.

    • Additional Equipment

    If needed, our team is ready to offer additional equipment, like a display, plasma TV, laptop, and will record audio and video of the event.

    Benefits of renting equipment from The Translation House:

    • good value for money;
    • grace for payment, if needed;
    • special conditions for loyal Customers;
    • support of the event by engineers;
    • equipment rental across Ukraine;
    • services of simultaneous interpreters;
    • vast experience in working with international organizations.

             Contact The Translation House to get your job done! We are always happy to help you!