Literary Translation

When working on literary texts, the translator must follow numerous requirements, and most of all such details as:

  • knowing the mentality of the country whose language is to be translated;
  • attention to such nuances as cultural traditions and peculiarities of the source text's language;
  • understanding idioms and figures of speech;
  • considering multiple options of text translation.

         The Translation House team specialists comply with all the above norms of literary translation and guarantee comprehensive rendering of cultural and linguistic realia of the source document.

         What are the services we offer our Customers? 

  • Translation of author's works and articles
  • Manuscript translation
  • Translation of scientific works and theses
  • Translation of fiction (prose, drama and screenplays, verses and songs in various genres)
  • Translation of guidebooks, reference books and textbooks
  • Translation of religious literature.

         On top of that, you can contact The Translation House if you have a task to be done with films, their descriptions, and captions overlay.

         We will be happy to help the Customer with various tasks, like document formatting and page composition, e.g. chart and diagram translation. Upon your request, our specialists will proof-read the translation you provide.

         The Translation House will complete the Customer's order within the following timeframes:

  • If the text for translation is small – up to 5 pages – we can translate it on the same day without any extra charges for urgency.
  • Standard scope for translation is up to 10 pages a day (1 page = 1,800 characters with spaces).

Call us in advance so that we could accept your order out of turn and complete it in the shortest time possible.

         Contact The Translation House to get your job done! We are always happy to help you!