Translation by a Native Speaker

                   Want to partner with foreign entrepreneurs without language barriers?
                   Want to publish your works in international publications?
  •          Our specialists are those who can help you achieve goals obstacle-free!

             The Translation House is a team that guarantees its Customers quality translation of various texts made by a native speaker:

    • advertising and marketing materials;
    • official documents;
    • mass communications;
    • motivation letters;
    • international website versions, etc.

             But what are the benefits of the translation made by a native speaker? Well, your personal assistants will accurately and fully convey stylistic and emotional shades of your text into their native tongue which will let the target audience perceive the text naturally and easily.

             Note the types of works that require services of the native speaker, namely:

    • translation of scientific articles to be published in foreign publications;
    • translation of business documents required to work with foreign partners;
    • translation of fiction;
    • translation of highly specialized texts;
    • translation of website context or advertising texts intended for the foreign target audience.

             The Translation House is unique as it also offers its customers proof-reading by a native speaker, as well as formatting and page composition of the translated document, like handling charts and diagrams.

             Our specialists will complete the order within the stated timeframes:

    • If your text is small – up to 5 pages – we can translate it on the same day without any extra charges for urgency.
    • Standard scope for translation is up to 10 pages a day
      (1 page = 250 words).

             Call us in advance so that we could accept your order out of turn and complete it in the shortest time possible.

             Contact The Translation House to get your job done! We are always happy to help you!