Transcribing and audio/video file translation

    • Need to translate a workshop/webinar using text interpretation of your video footage?
    • Prefer analyzing information as a text rather than speech?

             The Translation House specialises in transcribing audio and video files with their information today being unique and thus in demand on the web.

             Most significantly, our specialists offer a unique service – translation from video and audio media – as they possess all the required qualities needed to be an audio track translator, including:

    • knowledge in the field of audiovisual translation;
    • understanding of the algorithm of interpreting audio materials;
    • skills of listening comprehension and good hearing ability;

             Please note that the translation of audio materials may be completed both with and without the stage of transcription, the latter being the case when the specialist translates the speech in one language into text in another language.

             There are many different uses of transcription and translation of audio and video footage, including cinematography, business, advertising, content for social networks, educational curriculum and many more.

             Upon your request, our specialist can proof-read and format the translation you provide.

             Timeframes for completion:

    • If your task is small – up to 5 minutes – we can translate it on the same day without any extra charges for urgency.
    • The standard scope for translation is up to 10 minutes a day.

             Call us in advance so that we could accept your order out of turn and complete it in the shortest time possible.

             Contact The Translation House to get your job done! We are always happy to help you!