What is the main difference between simultaneous interpreting and chuchotage? The latter means that the specialist is located by the listener whispering the translation into his or her ear while listening to the speech in the source text at the same time.

         If the interpreting is needed for more than 2 people, it is advisable to rent a tour guide system, so the interpreter does not have to stay in direct proximity to the customers, but instead connects with them via a headset.

Please note the following restrictions in the chuchotage method:

  • translation outputs are intended for a small number of people;
  • in the absence of a tour guide system, the possibility of surrounding noise is increased;
  • one interpreter works for at most 3 hours; if the event lasts longer, two interpreters are involved.

To successfully complete the task, the Customer must provide the following information:

  • event format (conference, workshop, exhibition, webinar,

training, etc.);

  • event topic (legal, medical, technical, or other);
  • the number of speakers, participants that will require interpretation;
  • venue – location of the event;
  • event date and the total number of hours/days;
  • if there are any additional reference materials for the interpreter.

The below indicators prove the success of chuchotage:

  • 350 simultaneous interpreters
  • +500 successful projects
  • ↗ interpreters abroad

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