Guide-Interpreting Services

                    Want to learn more about landmarks in the new city but the language barrier is causing problems?
                    Would you like to arrange an unforgettable tour for your foreign guests?
  •          Our Customer can forget about such worries as looking for a trusted tour guide and arranging a tour route because The Translation House will do it for you!

             What we need from you:

             Cheerful mood and positive energy are our Customer's main tasks as our specialist who can show the city views at their best will take on the work on preparing your trip program.

             Are there any territorial restrictions for our tour guide?

             For our Customers only, we can offer interpreters both in any Ukrainian city and abroad. The success of our activities in this field is confirmed by the below indicators:

    • +200 guide-interpreters;
    • +500 successful projects
    • ↗ guide-interpreters abroad.

             Contact The Translation House to get your job done! We are always happy to help you!