There is a significant difference between legalization and apostille. Consular legalization consists of a number of complex steps that must be completed thoroughly and attentively. Depending on the document to be legalized, these stages may include:
  • translation and notarization of documents;
  • certification at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  • certification at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
  • certification of documents at the Consular office of the respective country.

  •          Documents subject to consular legalization:

    • documents on education;
    • medical certificates, opinions;
    • certificates from the MIA, departments of Visa and Registration Office (on criminal record);
    • certificates from the Civil Registry Office;
    • notarized translations, certified copies of documents;
    • original documents issued after 1991;
    • documents of legal entities;
    • certificates of foreign citizens issued by embassies.

             The legalization process on average lasts 10 days, but in most cases, it depends on the country where the procedure takes place.

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