Nostrification is required when the foreign state approves the request for post-graduate professional education, in other words when the relevant public authorities consented to these documents having legal force within the territory of our state.

         It is worth noting that there are two types of recognition: academic, including when you want to study in Ukraine, and for a respective field of study if you want to work in your degree field.

        The document that was nostrificated has the same legal force as the document issued by the Ukrainian educational institution.

        To complete the process of diploma nostrification in Ukraine, the following documents are required:

  • application;
  • copy of the residence permit/passport;
  • original school certificate/diploma and its copy, supplement, their translation and legalization in the issuing country;
  • copies of primary/basic documents on education if they can influence the procedure;
  • power of attorney for representation;
  • document translations must be notarized.

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